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The Alpair 7A Gen. 3 represents a large step forward in the design and production of “extended” full range audio drivers. In its size class, this Alpair 7 currently delivers the widest frequency range*. The usable range now extents to 32-kHz above 80dB. Thatʼs higher than many tweeters!



Markaudio Alpair-7 4″ Full Range Grey Color Cone with Excursion Arrestor

The Alpair 7A Gen. 3 represents a large step forward in the design and production of “extended” full range audio drivers. In its size class, this Alpair 7 currently delivers the widest frequency range*. The usable range now extents to 32-kHz above 80dB. Thatʼs higher than many tweeters!

This Alpair 7 has an advanced damping system such that it delivers a “near flat” response across its range. The Alpair 7 employs a rear ring-clamped suspension system and a new torque loaded rear suspension (spider). Both these components add pre-tension to the power-train. The result is improved linearity and damping on the moving components.

The rear magnet cover can be removed. The cover’s magnetic attraction keeps it attached to the main driver body. Simply pull away from the driverʼs main body, no tools are needed to do this job. Removal helps those box makers who design shallow cabinets or wish to optimise internal box volumes. The performance change with the cover removed is small, so the installation choices for the end user is optimal. The frameʼs front cover is also made removable. While we recommend its use, the frameʼs diameter is minimised to 130-mm, helping those who want to make slimmer box designs.

The acoustic performance of this driver is solidly placed in the “purist-audiophile” category. Its cone and power-train are the most micro-resonance sensitive made by Markaudio to date. With the rear and front covers attached, the driver has a SPL of near 86dB while retaining an X-max of +4-mm available for peak non-rhythmic bass loads. In a optimised box design, the system can be made capable of operating from 40-Hz to 32-kHz, possibly a unique performance for a simple cone driver in its size and class. The off axis responses and central stereo image emitted from this Alpair 7 generation 3 are possibly best in class. Its cone profile and under-hung front suspension allow for a clean wide acoustic image, making it easier to optimise box positioning in most listening environments.

The Alpair 7 Gen. 3 is near unique (if not totally unique). Its range, near flat response and special design features set it apart from other full-range driver of similar size.


  • Two colour choices, gun-metal grey and classic gold.
  • Drivers are packed with 2mm thick seals and 4 X 22-mm long Hex head wood screws.
  • Handling: Donʼt touch the cone or cap. These are delicate components.
  • Running in period The Alpair 7 has advanced suspensions that require careful running in: Donʼt use any kind of artificially generated sound signal. Hours 1 to 20. Low volume vocal and light music, no heavy bass. Hours 21 to 120, gradually increase the volume to normal listening levels and gently introduce rhythmic bass music. Patience and care will bring musical rewards.
  • Excursion Arrestor sounds when exceeding excursion limits.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Gold, Grey


3.83 g/CM



70.9 Hz


21.3 uH


3.75 g


3.94 g








5.4 Ohm


5.02 K mm/2


85.8 dB (cover on) 85.2 dB (cover removed)


4.58 Lts


4 mm (one way)

4 reviews for Alpair 7.3 Grey/Gold (Pair)

  1. Phil

    Bought two Alpair 7M drivers about a month ago. Built a pair of Dave & Scott’s Pensil 7.3 enclosures to house them. Added a stiffening price half way down the enclosure. Three quarters filled with sound absorbing material.
    It is the first time I have tried a single, full range system. Very impressed indeed. I have down sized to an apartment, so don’t need high volume sound, which you cannot get from such a small driver. Having said that there is more than enough for my 40 sq M room. The bass end is well extended and nicely controlled. I was surprised just how low the bass does goes.
    Very impressed with the Alpair 7M driver, an amazing frequency responce. Don’t need a tweeter with them.
    Highly recommended.

    • admin

      Hi Phil, thanks for leaving your thoughts for the Alpair 7 drivers. These comments really help potential customers who are struggling to quantify how a speaker might react in their space. The Pensil enclosures really do work well and a are a very easy build even if you go your route without a kit.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I use a pair of these excellent little drivers in a bookshelf design. I feel that they possess a bit more magic and realism in the midrange than other similar sized 2-way designs I’ve built or heard.

    Compared to the Alpair 6Ps, the Alpair 7Ms sound a little more voiced towards neutrality. They also go lower, hit a bit harder and are better controlled in the bass. I also find that they resolve more of the finer details, textures and spatial cues that contribute to the sense of atmosphere in a piece of music. Even in a bookshelf cabinet I find them just fine for filling a small to medium space. Just as with the 6Ps, the 7Ms offer a smooth, glare-free, easy listen, with particularly sweet sounding vocals.

    • admin

      Thanks James, it’s nice to see you build another pair of speakers, wonder whats next? James built a lovely pair of Slim Classic Golden Ratio dMar-Ken 7.3 for the Alpair 7 generation 3 which can be seen on the gallery

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rodney (verified owner)

    A little single drive unit…
    Open the box and you might think, going to sound like a cheap transistor radio or at best a budget “hifi”
    The Mark Audio Alpair 7.3’s were mounted into a FH3 enclosure and gently played in for about 160 hours. Sounding good so far…
    Now for some critical listening.
    WOW, just wow.
    I can qualify this by saying over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in front of the best. By that I mean speakers in the £3k plus bracket. I might also add, I’m a bass player, electric and double bass (I’m all about the bass).
    These drivers DO bass, effortlessly and naturally. It’s not trouser flapping bass, remember this is a sub 4 inch driver not a 15 inch sub! Nor is it booming or indistinct. Every bass line presented was sure footed, firm and articulate. No complaints here. Kicks, toms and timpani thundered too.
    And it doesn’t stop there…
    The highs are something else. Cymbals splish, splash, shimmer and sizzle, triangles tingle.
    But… they excel in the mids. These units set up a totally immersive 3D sound stage beyond the confines of the box, with depth and space you would expect from a single point source.
    And front and centre we have, well, whatever is front and centre. Nothing gets lost in the mix. The delivery and detail is astounding.
    They do voice extremely well. Vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, violin or clarinet all laid bare.
    I’ve played many benchmark reference tracks from every genre through these and nothing came up short or left me disappointed. Toes were tapping, there were smiles, goosebumps and even tears. That, is the mark of a great speaker.
    These little single drivers are up there in the all time greats!

    p.s. The 7.3’s do work exceptionally well in the FH3 cabinets. I went down the self build road but these cabinets are available in flat-pack kits. CNC machined from 18mm birch ply, they not only look gorgeous but having watched the online build tutorials, seem like a cinch to complete. A classic match.

    • admin

      Rodney, that is a brilliant, review of these drivers, thanks so much for that.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Simonas (verified owner)

    So normally I don’t write reviews, but I have to in this particular occasion.
    First off, amazing service by Stefan from KJF audio, the delivery took bit longer than expected, but the issue was with courier and thanks a lot to Stefan for following it up.

    Anyways, about the these little Markaudio drivers. I’ve built a simple bookshelf enclosure for them using a design from the Markaudio site. They’re placed in a close range desktop configuration, small room.

    I have been listening to them for ~10 days already and have to say – WOW ! I am no audiophile and it is my first full-range speaker, but I was blown away with how detailed these drivers can reproduce the sound across the whole range. I am actually hearing sounds in the song I was not aware of before.

    Someone in the reviews already mentioned, these little speakers especially shine in mids. Turn on some instrumental music with deep vocals. Seems like the singer is actually in front of you, just amazing. The bass is also there, bit less impressive than mids/highs, but still able to push very low taking into account speaker size.

    Tried not to overdrive them with high volume to get proper break-in. Now as I turn the volume a bit higher the sound just keep getting better.

    I give 5 stars in any case, but with a slight caveat as future customers might be interested. I believe it might be common with all full-range speakers – the drivers struggle a tiny bit with more complex music. E.g. some more intense rock songs, classical or even electronics. Could be just my opinion though.

    Overall – very happy with the purchase. Totally recommend to anyone thinking on the first DIY build, it is lot of fun and the results don’t disappoint.

    • admin

      Thanks Simonas, your thoughts will be much appreciated by future customers. I’ve edited your comments VERY slightly where the English was slightly off. Hope you don’t mind. I’ve not altered the content however.

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