Stereo and Mono Ncore Amplifiers

SA-01 XLR connector


Building on the success of our fully configurable multi-channel Ncore MA-01 amplifiers we are introducing a stereo amplifier – the SA-01. Where the MA-01 was built with pure utility in mind where form followed function. With the SA-01 we have allowed ourselves a little more freedom in the design of the case work to bring you something more at home in an audiophile HiFi system where it will take pride of place on your equipment rack. As customers often employ phono connections and cables for audiophile  systems we have introduced phono connectors alongside the XLR connectors with a high quality sealed switch to allow you to choose your preferred connection type. As we would we would prefer no switch in the signal path we have used the best switch we could find for this purpose.

Offering lots of style choice, you can choose between 8 mm milled aluminium fronts offered in cool anthracite or a choice of solid wood, including Walnut, Sapele, Cherry and Maple to match the decor of your homes.

The SA-01 still includes all the advanced  operation you have come to expect from KJF audio and the MA-01. Value is still intrinsic to our brand and we have bought this to you at a great price again. Built around your choice of Hypex NC***MP modules offering 3 different power outputs across 6 different modules. ​You can configure these as a stereo or Mono amplifier by choosing the icons to the right.

  • Fully balanced and single ended operation via a high quality sealer rear panel micro switch
  • AES-48  compliant
  • 12V trigger as standard
  • 47K Ohms Input Impedance, low output impedance
  • S/N Ratio 118dB – this is based on measurement of individual modules
  • THD 0.0015
  • 26dB Voltage Gain
  • Overall case size – Width 230 mm, Height 83 mm, Depth 370 mm including connectors
  • Single button interface function control and warning
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Muted start-up process for pop free operation
  • DC detection and protection from self induced DC produced during catastrophic amp failure
  • DC connected inputs for the purest signal path (make sure you have no DC on the inputs)
  • Clip indication
  • Over temperature indication
  • Industry standard gold plated XLR Neutrik connectors  balanced connection
  • Audiophile quality Gold plated, solid copper CMC phono connectors, silver plated connections are an option
  • Custom made Audiophile quality CMC speaker binding posts
  • Gold PCB traces
  • Gold plated internal connectors for ribbons
  • No silly marketing foo to confuse you
  • 230V and 110V operation via the IEC connector as standard
  • Choice of aluminium or timber front panels

Some manufacturers provide the ability to change the op-amps in the input stage of the amplifiers to change or ‘improve’ the sound, do you?

These latest N-Core modules have got a buffer already built in, Bruno Putzney (N-Core designer) is one of the most talented audio designers on the planet so I’m pretty sure he’s got this well sorted in these modules. Most of these off-board buffers use op-amps which must exist in a circuit that is designed and optimised for that op-amp. Op-amp ‘rolling’ should be discouraged, as putting a supposedly high performing op-amp into a circuit not designed for it can cause oscillations in the circuit that will cause non-linearity further down the line. I don’t provide this functionality, I want to make amplifiers that are unconditionally stable into all loads.

The amplifier is balanced, how should I connect my source?

The NC***MP (ncore) modules have a fully differential input and so can accept a balanced input. KJF audio have provided both an industry standard XLR connector to which you can connect your balanced source, and phono connector which is switched via a very high quality sealed microswitch.

This section will contain a downloadable instruction manual in time