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Successful first show!

finished Pencil speaker for Pluvia 11 wideband driver

Hi all, thanks to those who came on Sunday, I really enjoyed it. I would have liked to spend a bit more time on the practical stuff but it’s amazing how time can just evaporate, especially once you get Mark talking! As a format I think it really worked, just need to be a bit stricter about the timings.

To those of you who couldn’t come, I hope to see you next time.

Mark is going to spend a lot more time in the country later on this year and into next year so we might try and do some similar things in other parts of the country and some more stuff at the farm. Mark and Scott also produce finished speakers under a brand known as MarkAudio Sota, which has just released some of it’s first speakers. Of course that means doing all the audio shows next year. They were both impressed with my format and want me to help them shake up the audio shows a bit by helping them make things a lot more interactive than is usual at these events so I’ll look forward to that. It sounded like the National Audio Show was a bit of a damp squib so it would be good to shake things up a bit.

You guys raised over £400 for MIND, most of you paid a much higher donation than I suggested, some of you didn’t even manage to attend and some people that donated aren’t even into the hobby, so you all deserve a big thank you. Mental health is a growing epidemic in this country, and the NHS is poorly equipped both from a budgetary point of view and understanding. Charities shouldn’t have to fill the gap but that is the reality. So thanks for chipping in so much, it just goes to show that you guys are an understanding bunch.

All that said, my choice of charity did cause some upset to at least one person. My next events won’t be for charity for that reason, I don’t want to appear partisan and would like people to feel they can come and benefit from an event without feeling like they are compromising their principles.

My favourite part was showing the attendants how easy it was to put a speaker together.

I also just want to say thanks to everyone for encouraging my daughter and her singing so nicely. She is just getting her confidence and is starting to think about her voice a bit more, like all 11 year old girls she just wants to wail into a hairbrush but since I got her a mic and some recording stuff has started to learn a bit of control and is starting to sound quite mature for her age.

Here is a link to some videos. Grab some pop corn and take a seat! The quality isn’t great, slightly embarrassing as I used to be a broadcast camera operator! I thought I was going to have someone to do the videos on the day while I concentrated on running the day, but it never happened, no mind, it’s still all interesting stuff.

Mark’s talk is quite long, I’ve tried to cut it down to the nitty gritty a but wanted to leave as much in as possible so I’ve split it into 6 videos and here is a link to a you tube play list.

Next up is Scott, he did an introductory talk about Bass reflex enclosure design, taking an holistic view to how that fits in with a room as an acoustic whole. Scott being Scott, there is a fair amount of history as well with some tidbits of info that was very interesting.

Lastly I said a few words to just introduce my latest flat pack kit based on Scott’s new Pensil design for the Pluvia 11. There are a few piccies but no video, sorry. I also said a few word to thank GIK acoustics who were kind enough to loan me some traps, soffits and acoustic gobos to tame the room a bit. Here is a video for that, not very long so no popcorn needed 🙂


Here are a few photos putting together the new Pluvia 11, Pensil, flat pack speaker kit.

Putting together a Pensil 11 flat pack - 1

putting the braces in the pluvia 11 Pensil flat pack, full range, speaker kit

making sure the top and front baffle in the pluvia 11, pensil 11, flat pack, full range, speaker kit

placing the side panel of the Pencil 11 full range speaker kit easily into the CNC cut rebates

placing some strap clamps around the completed Pencil 11 loudspeaker kit

And the full range Pencil speaker once it has been finished

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